The Future of Smartphones

14/03/2016 Main

Mobile phone technology seems to evolve at a rate so fast, it’s almost impossible (without a very heavy wallet) to keep up with the latest trends.  When I think back to my first ever mobile phone it really does make me chuckle. I thought I was extremely cool because I had the flip-down Nokia, as used in sci-fi film ‘The Matrix’. On reflection, this phone was really very simple and wasn’t even able to store music or take a photograph. But I still think it was cool! It has made me wonder how much mobile phone technology will evolve over the following 20 years though. Here are some ideas about what we could be using in the future: Read more


My laste purchase : fitbit one

04/02/2016 Main

Hello guy's ! Today I would like to talk about my laste purchase : the Fitbit One Read more


the era of drones

04/02/2016 Main

Nowadays, we see more and more drones and many people begin to use these new kind of flying robots. I'm going to make an article about that to give you some information and advise because there exist a lot of different kind of drones and it's not always simple to use ! Read more


Technology in Motors

06/12/2015 Main

Technology in Motors Read more


Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

02/12/2015 Main

Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Read more


iPhone 4/4S/5

23/11/2015 Main

iPhone 4/4s/5 Read more


Best Tablets 2015

19/11/2015 Main

Welcome back to the best blog in the world J haha… Hope the last entry on smartphones was informative and helped some people out! If I can help just one person then it is job well done for me. As last time was about smartphones, this time it feels only right to do an entry on the latest and best tablets on the market. Read more


Best Smartphones 2015

11/11/2015 Main

Hi guys. Today is going to be talking about the smartphones that we in the UK have at our disposal in 2015 and early 2016. It’s a great time for mobile phones, they practically do everything you need, and here is a look at some of the best on offer at the moment. Read more


Blog Intro :)

02/11/2015 Main

The most amazing thing about living in the age that we do, is all of the amazing technology we find at our fingertips. We live in an age of phones on our wrist, of drones and robots. My name is Robert and this is an intro to my new blog about technology. Hope you enjoy. Read more