My laste purchase : fitbit one

Hello guy's ! Today I would like to talk about my laste purchase : the Fitbit One


Do you know what is it ?

The Fitbit One is an activity sensor supposed to motivate you to become active and to spend calories with goals to achieve. It has for example an altimeter to count the gravis floors, an accelerometer to measure the movements and an analysis of sleep, which is 1/3 of our lives.
It is designed to measure the steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and steps conquered during the day.
When night comes, fitbit following your sleep, helps you to sleep better and you wake up in the morning. The One motivates you to achieve your goals, allowing you to be in better physical shape, in a transparent manner, 24 hours a day.
What pleased me with the Fitbit :
Its OLED screen readable in the dark so is very explicit. It's very small and light, it weighs only 8g! Certainly it is an advantage, but also a disadvantage because I already forgot it once in my pocket... Fitbit provides an attachment for example to the belt, but the bracelet option would have been better.
another good point is the sleep function, to activate this function, must be inserted one into a "sleep bracelet". A timer then starts and works all night to stop by the same action to wake up. This simple action allows a fairly complete analysis of our night on the Fitbit interface. It is quite amusing to distinguish the cycles of sleep or while they slept. It is even possible to be woken up by the One by programming the alarm.
I'm happy with this Fitbit, it's useful and easy to use.  The only bad point is maybe the price quite high : between 80 and 100euros. 
If the price is not a problem for you, don't hesitate to try the Fitbit !