Remastered Games

Hey fellow computer enthusiasts, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. The other day I got a bunch of Steam Keys and some of the games I had never heard of before. I took a little look at the games pages in Steam and found out why-they are remastered versions of games released before I was even born. Mainly LucasArts point and click adventure style games, but some pretty classic games nonetheless. I got both Treasure of Monkey Island games and Day of the Tentacle and I am super excited to try these games out. I grew up playing Torin's Passage with my mom so these classic games with their slightly offbeat humor still offer that nostalgic feeling, and I also get the excitement of a new adventure.

What exactly is Remastered?

When you look at a point and click adventure game, there isn't much that can be added to the game in terms of updating it. You can’t add new map packs or perks, and no one wants to walk around with a silly party crown on. But what these games do add is a completely redone art style. With a single button, you are usually able to switch back and forth from the original art remastered to 720p/1080p or the new, remastered graphics and art style. The sound also usually gets an update, with the mono sound taking a hike. Sometimes you do get an extra quest or another character, sometimes even just a little easter egg but these are usually cut content from the original game. Go and download one for yourself and give it a try for the nostalgic factor alone. Let me know what game you download and how it compares to your first play through. Hope you all enjoy, I will speak to you again soon.

Day of The Tentacle Remastered