Set Up a Home Theater

Hello readers, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I know that I usually spend a lot of time talking about phones, so I thought today I could cover something a bit different. A bunch of really good movies are coming out this summer, and I plan to watch them at home so I am obviously needing to set up my home theatre. This is not as hard as I thought it was, and not nearly as expensive as I had planned since I was able to buy everything used off of and get some slightly better equipment than if I were to buy it new. Here is my basic guide on things you need to set up your home theatre system.

Panasonic Home Theater System

Home Theatre System

To make things easy on yourself, you can just get yourself a full home theatre setup from well known manufacturers like Sony or Bose. These are usually quite simple to setup, and will vary in how many speakers they come with. OF course, you can add more speakers if you like. Take a look at some of the Sony home theaters systems for sale on and I am sure you will find something that will match your living room. Buying a full home theatre system can be costly if you decide to keep adding more speakers to it, so make sure to figure out what you will need beforehand. I good thing to do is measure your room first so you know the dimensions and how far the sound will have to travel

Home Theater Speakers


Although some home theatre systems may come with a built in amplifier, it will not be very good and should generally get swapped out if you value your sound at all. I prefer to get a couple anyways, you can hook them up together and make your whole room a bass machine. There are some great used amplifiers for sale on that you can hook up all around your room to make those D-Day scenes seem even more realistic. A bonus is that these setups can double as a party deck, hook your phone up to it or even find some music on TV to get the party started in here.

Home Theater Set up

As many additional Speakers as you Want

Now that you have the basics set up, you can upgrade your system as much or as little as you want with additional speakers. Maybe get a bigger mono bar, or some speakers for behind you. Whatever you want, you can accomplish. Hope this was a good read for everyone, writing it was a blast(literally). If you had a good time and want to keep reading, maybe take a look at some of my other posts such as my cheap tech review from last year. Talk to you all again soon, have a great week.