Technology in Motors

Technology in Motors

I’m back guys, it’s Robert’s Mobiles & Technology blog. My latest article is a big leap from what we’ve been talking about up until now. Whereas previous posts have been discussing the latest mobile phone and tablet technology, this article will be focused more on motors. I’m personally a big fan of mopeds and scooters as I don’t drive a car but still need an efficient way of getting from A- B. There’s one that I really like the look of at the moment which I’ll talk about a little bit later in the post, it’s got the tech as well as the looks.

My Old Scooters

I’ve owned several scooters in my time and they are something that I’ve loved since I got my first scooter back in my late teens which I needed to get to and from college. I couldn’t really afford a car and all the bills that come with it. I really hated catching public transport so I quickly decided to make my journeying back and forth a lot more pleasurable by passing my CBT test and getting myself a little scooter. Fortunately, my grandparents had won a little bit of money on the pools which helped me to afford a half decent one in the end.

The first scooter I had was the Honda CHF-50 model. It was pretty decent at the time and you could get about 40mph out of it or something along those lines. I remember it being nifty enough for me anyway and was perfect for getting too-and-from college. It might have had some kind of speed limiter on it but I can’t remember too much.

After I left college, I took a year out initially to do a bit of work and earn some money as I’d been pretty skint through my college days only being able to work a few hours part-time. After a year I enrolled in University. Although the University was not too far from home, it would now require a longer commute than the college run, taking around an hour one-way. I’d saved up a nice wedge of cash so could afford to trade in my old Honda and get myself a bike with a bit more zip. I settled on a 2006 model from Yamaha, if memory serves me correctly, it was a Yamaha Stratoliner or something like that. I ended up buying another Yamaha scooter a few years later and was quite fond of the brand. You might want to check out their website, I’m still a big fan and can recommend from experience.

My new-found love for Vespa’s

Recently however, after a trip to Italy, I fell in love with another type of scooter. In Italy, the streets are littered with Vespa’s, a popular Italian brand of scooter that is manufactured by Piaggio. They got the name Vespa from the Italian translation for wasp. It’s origins date back to 1946 when Vespa was just a single model of scooter. These days there’s a whole range of them. It’s all the different colours and styles that I saw on my recent trip to Italy that really made me fall for this brand. I’ve known about Vespa’s since I was a kid but I suppose I’d never really got to appreciate them and always wanted to own something bigger and badder. When you get older, style and class come into a lot more and you don’t care about impressing a girl with a big beefy souped-up motor. Vespa’s are known for their retro styled painted, pressed steel single body chassis. The engine and mechanisms are all covered by the one-piece chassis. You also get that spacious floorboard where you put your feet and can store a few items.

Vespa 946 Emporio

The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani was developed under a collaboration between Piaggio and Georgio Armani. It was created as homage to both brands. 2015 marked the 40-year anniversary of Armani and the 130th birthday of the Piaggio Group, Vespa’s parent company. Both of these brands are huge in Italy and are symbols of Italian design. You may have noticed that the name of this model comes from the year 1946 which was when the first Vespa went on sale.

Although it has a very subdued colour layout in-keeping with Armani’s preferred style, like Armani, it oozes class, looking really smart and sophisticated. Armani has combined greys with subtle hints of green visible only under particular light conditions. Armani has been able to recapture some of the styling from 1946 with a modern interpretation if you know what I mean. His iconic eagle can be seen above the headlamp and the famous Emporio Armani logo can be seen on the side of the bike.

I think what makes this kind of apt to this blog is that it’s not just a stylish motor, it’s about technology as well. It has beautiful electronic riding controls, a four-stroke electronic injection engine and an interface that allows it to communicate with the latest mobile technology. It has low fuel-emissions so is well suited to those eco-conscious motorists. A perfect choice for the City if you’ve got the capital to buy it.


Do I really need two scooters?

Whilst I’ve been looking at the Armani Vespa, it isn’t really something I can afford right now. I’ve been eager to purchase another bike, more as a back-up or for weekend driving just to mix it up a bit.  Obviously before my trip to Italy, it wasn’t really something I was considering but now I’ve made the excuse to myself and my partner that there’s justification for a 2nd scooter.

I’ve been trying to find a decent second hand website. My partner searched old used for sale vespa on and found some decent looking used Vespa’s. Now she’s had a look, I’ve got her sold on the idea of getting one but she’s demanded that she will pick the model. As long as it isn’t pink and hasn’t been fiddled with or painted some other garish colour, I’m happy to leave it in her capable hands. We may go for this website as we’ve seen a couple on there we like but we’re still looking around for other deals elsewhere. We’re even visiting a couple of local second-hand scooter dealers to see what they’ve got available.