the era of drones

Nowadays, we see more and more drones and many people begin to use these new kind of flying robots. I'm going to make an article about that to give you some information and advise because there exist a lot of different kind of drones and it's not always simple to use !

I have several friends who have drones so I have a little experience.


How choose a drone ?

Everybody can use a drone today but everybody can't use all drones. Several criteria exist to choose his drone. You should already take into account the experience in the piloting of drone, Steering commands (smartphone, Tablet, remote control, etc), and the age of the user. We must also see what use you want to make. You should know that all drones are not equipped in the same way. Some have cameras, while others don't have... But it's possible to buy a pack after your purchase to add a camera.

What drone choose ?

Some people are willing to put a lot of money in the product to access high-end, others prefer to buy a drone of a little lower in order to not ruin range. It depends on your selection criteria. The main criteria are the autonomy of the battery, the quality of the camera, the way you fly the drone,
or you want a drone just to drive a robot and do acrobatic figures... all these criteria will be a direct impact on the price.
For example there are small drones, cheap, easy to use, even adapt for children. There is the Hubsan X4, at a price of 50 euros ! it's the cheaper in the market but logically, the performances are also minimum : an autonomy of 7 minutes of fly and a quality of image very bad. but it's a good model to start flying drone !
There are «sports» drones If you are looking to make photos with these drones, forget! These are medium-sized models and are entirely designed to make acrobatic figures and powerful acceleration. They are also very strong, and even "unbreakable", according to its builders. On the other hand, if you absolutely want to make photos with these devices, a compatible Gopro camera is available for sale. The movies taken with the Gopro are of excellent quality. You can buy a drone like this for 150euros without camera.
A friends recently bought a beautiful house through a real estate site This website was very well done because it had aerial photos of the houses, makes with a drone, which gave a direct image of the entire House. It is also another way to use drones, they become real tools for real estate agents.
A true differentiation tool to reinforce your brand image and offer awesome views of your homes for sale. In this case you must have a professional drone like the DJI Phantom 2, the great advantage of this model is the battery life, far superior to other models. Indeed, it can stay up to approximately a 25-minute flight. It also has a GPS function, stabilization camera, FPV (First Person View), etc. This device remains still rather for experienced users. It's possible to obtain this kind of drone from 900euros.
If you're already an expert, the best in the market is DJI inspire 1.This model is designed almost exclusively for professionals, or for expert users drone pilot. It is the best model on the market thanks to its capabilities. It has all the features that can be found on other drones, in addition to having a unique scope, and to ride aloft without be destabilized. But it also has a 4K camera controllable simultaneously with the drone, which takes into account information from its environment and then sends to the driver. DJI inspire 1 can also shoot 360 degrees without problem with retractable feet. A smartphone application is also compatible to record the flight of the apparatus, statistics, performance and watch the drone flights. For this one, the price is minimum 2900euros depending the available options.


If you want to have fun, if you learn only to fly drones, or if you prefer to do acrobatics with the drone, the choice of a low range drone is rather preferred. On the other hand, if you want to take high quality photos or movies in high resolution, rather should be to opt for professional models. Everything however depends on your abilities and your experience in the cockpit. However, it is more interesting to start with small models, otherwise you may be frustrated by not being able to fly larger models. If you want follow tha latest news or informations about drone, this site is very interesting !
Concerning me, I'll buy a drone very soon just for my pleasure and to take beautiful pictures during my holidays, festivals,...
If you have any questions, it will be a pleasure to help you. Bye !!