The Future of Smartphones

Mobile phone technology seems to evolve at a rate so fast, it’s almost impossible (without a very heavy wallet) to keep up with the latest trends.  When I think back to my first ever mobile phone it really does make me chuckle. I thought I was extremely cool because I had the flip-down Nokia, as used in sci-fi film ‘The Matrix’. On reflection, this phone was really very simple and wasn’t even able to store music or take a photograph. But I still think it was cool! It has made me wonder how much mobile phone technology will evolve over the following 20 years though. Here are some ideas about what we could be using in the future:


Augmented Reality: using the body’s senses as its basis, augmented reality will use computer data so that the smartphone sees the world as we do. For example, point your phone’s camera lens into the street and it will be able to tell you where the nearest taco restaurant is!


Flexible Screens: maintaining its tiny size, a phone with a flexible screen will mean that you can simply unfold your phone to create a bigger screen and watch a film, use Skype etc.


An integrated projector: even the most flexible of smartphone screens will not be able to give you a cinema like film viewing experience. But if a projector was built into your phone…


Holograms: smartphones could, in the near-ish future,  provide us with holographic images. Think Jedi Knight communication! This feature will also allow you to grap or pinch the holographic image to sort, move or shrink it.


Exciting times are ahead in the world of mobile technology.  I will wait with anticipation to see how the smartphone will evolve over the coming years but, also, how these features will cope when being programmed for mass use.