Things to Expect in iOS 11

Hey everyone, a warm welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. A big announcement during the Apple Worldwide Developers Club this year was that iOS 11 will be released later this year, most likely in September. Like always there will be lots and lots of new features (some you won’t even notice until the next updates comes along) and some of them will be losers, while others will be huge winners. No one cares if the app store gets redesigned, it will still suck. The control button getting a new look? Meh, just looks cramped to me. Here are some of the features in iOS 11 that might actually be helpful.

Augmented Reality

We are halfway through 2017, at this point every tech company needs to embrace the world of virtual/augmented reality including Apple. Microsoft has the HoloLens, and Samsung has GearVR; but even though there were millions of crazy people catching augmented reality creatures on their phone Apple has done nothing, until now. No software developers can use a program called ARKit, which will allow them to create application utilizing AR on the Iphone for the first time and it will work on any older Iphones with the updated operating system. This means no special device like the Google Tango, all you need is creativity.

Apple Pay to Person

Apple pay is really useful. I have used it to pay for bus tickets, smokes, and even girl scout cookies. But the one thing it has been lacking versus its competitors is person to person transfers. This can make is easier to split the check, or allow you to stop hunting down your friend for the $20 they borrowed last week. Funds can be added to your Apple account, or even your bank accounts.

iOS 11 Update