Tricks you didn’t know your smartphone camera can do

Tricks you didn’t know your smartphone camera can do

What’s up guys, today I wanted to talk to all my loyal readers of this computers blog about the special things electronics can do. I had to buy an Iphone the other day and luckily found a used iPhone for sale online on, and I feel like I have jumped generations. Phones nowadays are so cool, they can do so much more than the Sonya I got for my first phone. The most improved part in my opinion is the camera. You can do so much with them now, from recording 4k video to taking a macros picture in black and white. It seems like we find new feature every day, and that isn’t even mentioning these tricks that you didn’t know your smartphone could do.

See Infrared Light

If you take your television remote and aim it directly into your phone's camera, you should be able to see a purplish beam of light coming from the little bulb in your remote. This is infrared light, and your remote uses it to signal your tv receiver to perform a task. I tried this with an older Samsung galaxy s4 (buy one from to try it yourself) as my new Iphone doesn’t seem to show the beam thanks to some “IR cut filters”.

  Infrared Light

Your Volume Buttons Take Pictures

In the days of Vine and Twitter, taking selfies is some serious business. So serious, that phone companies have been trying to make it easier for use but so many people don’t seem to realize it. On any Iphone (including the Iphone 5 that I got at a low price in good condition from you can press the increase volume button and take a picture, with the front facing or rear facing camera. Most Android phones also have this feature as well, so don’t got throwing out your Galaxy s4 just yet.

Headphones do this too!

If you have a nicer pair of headphones and they have a volume button, chances are that volume button doubles as a snap a picture button. Check before you buy however, if you look at the specification for a pair of headphones from someone like Beats they should have all that information on their website.

  Beats Headphone picture button

It can tell you EVERYTHING

Any loyal readers remember when I posted about the future of smartphones? Well, it seems that future is approaching quicker than I expected. Phone cameras are capable of seeing and recognizing information, and with the help of apps such as Google Translate can then write what it sees and present it in whatever way is best. Evernote takes it even further and can take any words and transfer them into a note, meaning that things can be added, deleted or searched for.


So much more

We are always finding out new uses for camera phones, that's why new apps appear all the time to take advantage of this technology. Let me know what you think of these little tricks, and if you try any out! Check out my last article about Wacom Bamboo Fineline, and have a great day everyone.